Amelex was founded in 1982 and over the past 29 years has evolved into a leader in Program Management, Information Technology, Engineering Services, Facilities Management and Corporate Security Training. Our headquarters is located in Maryland, with field offices in Virginia, South Carolina, and New Jersey. Our clients include the Navy, OSD, as well as commercial organizations.

Strategic Security Training

Offering corporations and governments a comprehensive range of security and safety strategies for today’s workplace.

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Business Continuity Consulting

If  you are considering  developing a continuity plan or have one in place, we can assist you in the process.

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Corporate Security Team

Our  information technology, business resilience, and security professionals  will coach you in limiting  risk exposure.

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Business Continuity Consulting

Disruptive events can happen suddenly. With the increased dependence on technology, businesses have become much more sensitive to even minor disruptions. Surviving the impact of a disruptive event, whether it be a major event causing loss of a facility, or minor such as a power outage, is the main reason to implement a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

The effects of a disaster can extend beyond loss of revenue and assets. A company’s reputation can also be damaged if it is not prepared. A BCP helps a company recover from a disaster within an acceptable time-frame, thus reducing damage to its reputation.

If you are considering developing a plan, in the process of developing a plan, or have one in place, our Business Resilience professionals can consult with you or audit your processes, to assist you in making your company resilient to the many possible risks you face today.

Customer Testimonials

  • ~ T.M. Program Manager

    "Workplace Bullying - never spoken about before."

  • ~ S.H. Contract Administration

    "Entertaining but very informative."

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